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During a past life regression the client is regressed back to a previous lifetime that helps them to understand the reason for having emotional or physical problems with this life. The client learns about significant events and the subconscious mind can help to release the trauma of these so that events in the current life lose the impact they are having on the client’s life.

Over the years, some of my clients have told me that they are worried that they might end up in a past life in which they were hurt or even killed. This does sometimes happen, although the majority of people experience fairly ordinary lives that show a few pieces of significance that relate to the current life. However, it cannot hurt you to re-live the traumatic events of a past life. It is my experience that the subconscious knows exactly where to lead you and it also knows when you are ready to experience something more dramatic and when it is vital that you do so. While you are in trance you always know that even though you are experiencing deep emotions you know at the same time that it is something from the past and as such not ‘real’. Our subconscious only gives us what we are able to cope with. For some people it feels like watching a movie and being immersed in it at the same time and also being aware that they are lying in a very comfortable chair. Generally, the client feels a sense of relief after the session, almost as if a weight has been lifted.

Even though some clients feel the painful trauma, and this is part of the therapy, they know that it isn’t actually happening now in their present life. Some clients who are visual are able to describe in detail what they are experiencing. Most clients enjoy floating up and leaving their body and experiencing a deep sense of peace and joy.

After the session, clients will always be surprised at the experience. Even though some clients have unpleasant experiences they don’t actually have any physical pain but experience very deep emotions. One common result is that clients who have been suffering from physical pain will often lose that pain or find it greatly reduced.

One of the nicest ‘side effects’ of past life regression is that it releases the fear of death. It is common for people who are very frightened of dying to have experienced some violent death in a past life and they bring this energy into this life. This fear tends to be completely neutralised which means the person can live a live without fear.

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